Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year! This year, I was allowed to stay up till midnight. At midnight, my parents, my sister, and I all went outside. My sister and I banged pots with spoons, (fun), ‘fenced’ with spoons (very fun), and listened to the fireworks while my parents sang ‘Auld Lang Syde.’

At about 12:02, My sister and I went outside with our dog so he could make his first pee of the new year. Our neighbors were having an extremely noisy party, and we were in a really good mood, so we yelled, “Happy New Year!” Then, we yelled the following:

  • Happy 2012!
  • Have a good new year!
  • Merry New Year!
  • Pleasant New Beginnings!

Did I mention I get silly when I’m tired? 😀


Happy 2012*!

*Wow, 2012 sounds so futuristic. Although, it’s now. I wonder how many times I’ll write #-#-11 or January something th, 2011 before I get used to it?


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