Rose Parade

As you may know, it’s the Rose Parade today. I love the Rose Parade a lot. So, I’m blogging and watching.

There was just a float by a pet food company with surfing dogs. There was a long pool with ‘waves’ and in it was a guy helping dogs get on surfboards. Then, the dogs would surf. The funny thing is that the dogs loved it.

There is a nice one about Thailand made by Dole. It is so beautiful. It has dancers from Thailand and Thai animals. I think it won something.

My brother and sister say that they love the surfing dogs best. What I really like is that it’s all made from flowers, seeds, and plants. It’s so cool how they can make animals look real. The detail is amazing.

I like commercials. So does my sister. Unfortunately, everyone else in my family hates them. So, we mute them. Sadly.

I’m going to stop blogging so I can watch the parade. Again, Happy New Year!!


5 thoughts on “Rose Parade

  1. It’s always amazed me that the floats are made out of flowers. I can’t imagine how many get used. Is it millions?

    P.S I’m a friend of your Mom 😉

  2. Hello,
    I tuned into the parade for a few minutes this morning and the part I saw just happened to be the dog-surfing float part! I thought it was pretty amazing too! As for the commercials, if you enjoy them, maybe you can convince your family to not mute them all?? Sounds fair to me. Happy New Year and happy blogging. Good luck with it! (I’m one of you mom’s blogging buddies. She’s a pretty amazing blogger herself!)

  3. I live not far from Pasadena and a few years ago got to see the parade from Colorado Boulevard (5 stories above from my husband’s old office). I also got to help decorate one of the floats that year. What you see on TV is great, but to truly see the detail and work and beauty, you really must see them up close.

    p.s. I am a friend of your Aunt’s and know your Mom from her blog.

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