Follow up on ‘Not so Fun’

First of all, thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my post ‘Not so Fun.’ I thought that you might want a follow up.

My dad is filling a police report today. My grandpa is a lawyer, and he says it probably won’t go to court. I will give you an update when I know more.

The cleaners were a married couple, and we think it was just the man who was stealing. The woman always seemed sweet, kind, and thoughtful of us, but the man was more quiet and seemed to have poor social skills. Not to say that everyone with poor social skills is a crook, but this guy was. Before they were fired, the lady who owns the company requested that they take a drug test. The woman did, and she was fine, but the man refused.

We have more evidence. My mom has been missing a silver necklace. It was small, but heavy. It would be so easy to slip it into a pocket without being noticed.

Again, thanks for your support. It made me so happy to go onto my blog and see all these comments and views. I’ve had 50 views on my post ‘Not so Fun’ alone and 100 views on my blog.


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