Not so fun

OK, the craziest thing happened. About a year ago, I had a coffee can of loose change and dollar bills in my closet, waiting to be deposited into the bank. It was about 40 dollars. A few weeks later, the entire can went missing. Because I am not known for my organizational skills, especially in my closet, my dad advised me to look more carefully. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Since then, we’ve cleaned out my closet 3 times and organized my room 2 times. It seemed to have vanished.
A few months ago, my dad had a 20 dollar bill in his nightstand. He asked me if I had seen it in his drawer, and I said no, I didn’t know he kept money in there. He said that he normally didn’t, but he had it in there to pay me. He never found it.
My family has a set of silver kiddish cups. We got them from our grandparents. We all have one, my parents, my siblings, and me, and we use them every Shabbat. We use them Friday nights, and then my dad puts them away the next morning. A month or two ago, we were going to set the table for Shabbat when we couldn’t find my dad’s cup, my cup, and my brother’s cup! We searched all over our kitchen, but they weren’t there!
We have cleaning people who we really trust. They come every other Friday so our house will be clean for Shabbat. They seem to do the best job, and my parents really like them. They are a part of a business, and they have just been fired from the company. My parents had thought they were going to hire them individually. Every year at Christmastime, and sometimes other times, our family gave them generous bonuses for good service, even though my mom has been going through cancer treatment and we’ve had more medical bills because of that.  (This is her blog, if you’re curious.)
My dad was working on solving the mystery of the lost cups when he decided to consider the cleaners as ‘suspects.’ We realized that the day we found the cups missing was the day after they came. The day the can of money went missing was the day after they came. The twenty dollar bill had been lost soon after they had came. Upon further interrogation, we discovered they had been fired from the company for silver theft.
It seemed pretty obvious that they had stolen all of that stuff. The lady who owns the cleaning company has graciously offered to pay the 40 dollars I lost. Sadly, it seems that the kiddish cups are 95% gone. I’m sad about that because I really liked my cup, but I’m glad they didn’t steal more. One person had thousands of dollars worth of silver stolen!
My parents feel so bad because they are very trusting and had no idea. They think that the cleaners are probably drug addicts, because people who are addicted to drugs often steal money to pay for drugs. That made me a tiny bit sorry for them, but not that much. I’m glad we figured out now, before we kept hiring them!


5 thoughts on “Not so fun

  1. Aww, kiddo, I’m so sorry. I know what it feels like to be robbed. It’s not a nice feeling. At least nothing else will “walk away” now that your family knows the cause of the disappearances. I hope your folks can find some nice honest folks to replace them to continue to help all of you.

    I read all your blog entries and they’re very entertaining. I think you might have a knack for this – maybe you didn’t fall far from the tree, eh? Your entries so far have contained just the right amount of info without being too long. For your age, you write very well; surely much better than a lot of adults I know!

    Keep up the good work! I hope this remains fun for you for a long time! 🙂 PS. I think you’re beautiful, just like your mom. (as a mom of 3 girls, I have a good eye for that kind of thing, you know!)

  2. Hey! I wrote you a year or two ago when you wrote a group email to your mom’s google group. and now you’re even blogging!
    That is a total bummer, especially the cups for something so meaningful for your fam. You’ll make the money back, but I am sorry about the cups. Y’all had a real life detective situation at home!
    I really like Taylor Swift’s song for the Hunger Games movie; it’s so lovely and haunting! Have you read that trilogy? Keep up the great writing and observations!

  3. Wow! You are certainly good with details! I can see that writing is going to come quite naturally to you just as it has with your mom…sorry to hear about your cups. Maybe whoever took them will decide to return them. I hope so. Keep up the blogging…. My daughter just started a blog and she is 11. Thanks for sharing!

  4. One of the things that makes this sad is the betrayal of trust.

    I think it is important to forgive, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be taken advantage of by those crooks again. I hope they get help for whatever is wrong in their lives that leaves them stealing from people who trusted them.

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