Hello everyone!! I have a weird thing in my chest cartilage called costochondritis. My chest has sharp pains every 20ish minutes that last like 3 seconds. I went to the doctor, (the only reason why I know the word costochondritis) and they said it sometimes occurs in kids. Since exercise sometimes triggers it, we think the costochondritis was triggered by us going bowling last night, since it started this morning. Luckily, it should go away within a few days.

The bad news is that it hurts and I have to ‘take it easy’ by not exercising a lot, put a warm beany thing on it, (in the non-Naomi world this is known as a warm compress) and taking Ibuprofen.

The good news is its not serious. The sorta convenient thing is I get to lounge around and read and hang out.

That is the epic ballad of my costochondritis. (I’ve been copy/pasting the word costochondritis. I got the spelling from google.) If it is a ballad, I guess this is…



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