Hi Everyone!
I’ve had a headache for 5 days in a row, on and off. I sometimes get headaches, but it’s kinda annoying because they’re not that bad; their just bothersome. (Fo ya like my correct use of a semicolon?)

I’m really hoping these headaches will stop.
❤ Naomi




I’m so happy.

❤ Naomi

Nap Time- An Extracurricular Activity?

Hi all!

So, I was complaining, again, to my friend about my tiredness, when our principal overheard me. She said that she has had people in my class ask if we can have nap time as a special. My class one of our specials as a “choice” were we can chose an activity. The Principal said that the kids actually proposed that they could separate the girls and boys, and we’d actually sleep.

I think it’s a great idea. My other idea is that you can pool your naps from preschool and kindergarten, when most kids hate naps, for when you’re older.

Either way, I am not exactly definitely NOT a morning person.

One, two, three, four! Goooo night owls! Yay!

I have to go to bed at nineish (I don’t fall asleep until AT LEAST 10:30) and wake up at 6:30. Blargh! If it was up to me, I’d stay up till 10:40ish and wake up at 7:30.

❤ Naomi

My homework

I have homework to create a children’s storybook about the story of David and Goliath.

It was awesome because:

  • I love writing!
  • I love drawing!
  • I have a little brother!
  • He loves stories!

I actually had to convince him to listen to it (To make sure the language was okay for a little kid and that he understood everything.) by telling him I’d put him on my blog. This was our conversation:

Me: Can you please listen to this?

My Brother: NO!

Me: Please?

My Brother: I don’t want to.

Me: Hmm… I’ll put you on my blog?

My Brother: What’s that?

Me: It’s my very own website. See how it says “Naomi” on it? If you’re on it, then the whole world can see how awesome you are.

My Brother: Okay…

I read it to him. He actually liked it! (Yay!)


Me: How did you like it?

My Brother: Good, good, good! Good! My very good!

Me: What was your favorite part?

My Brother: Nothin’ notin’

Me: What does that mean?

My Brother: It means: I liked it ALL!

I love having a little brother.

❤ Naomi

Let’s Move!

Hi Readers!

Beyoncé and Michelle Obama have teamed up to fight childhood obesity with the ‘Let’s Move!’ Program. It’s not like I have any problem with fighting childhood obesity or anything, but it’s weird.

My school is small, so our teachers do our PE. They had the ‘great’ idea to have us do the dance for PE, but without most of the hand motions, for a simplified version like Michelle Obama does in this video. But simpler.  We do the clapping and the jump rope- ing, but that’s it  for the hands. They’re making us do it like a flash mob during lunch, and I’m not exited.

Our teachers put us in 2 rows to practice. Unfortunately, I was next to someone who’s kind of, um, weird. He shall go nameless on the off chance he sees this. But anyway, he’s kind of overweight and, weird. He will be, like, overly friendly in a bad way and stuff. People don’t really like him, I try to be nice, but it’s sort  of hard. We were all supposed to be about 2 feet apart, but he was like 8 inches away from me. He was totally in my personal bubble. I was trying to be polite and not get in the personal space of the person on my right, but it was hard.

One of the teachers did marching band, so she wanted us to be evenly spaced. She made us stick out our right arm and lightly touch the person on our right’s shoulder. Sadly, the, um, weird person was like putting his hand all over my shoulder in a really awkward way and keeping it there after the teacher said we could stop. I was soooo uncomfortable!

Finally, one of the teachers started a third row. I went to it and was next to 2 non- overcrowding people.

But we still have to do the dance.

And the worst thing? I actually like dancing. I feel sad for the people who don’t. It must be even worse.

❤ Naomi

Half Time!!

Dear readers

I’m HAPPY! It’s 10-9, Patriots in the lead!!!! I’m doing this during half time. My dad was going crazy when the Patriots got the touchdown with 8 seconds to spare. My entire family is all Patriots now. My sister switched to Patriots because she didn’t like the Giants’ uniform. My mom switched to Patriots since we all were.

OK. So, Madonna is doing the half time entertainment, (The singer. In case that wasn’t completely obvious,) and I want to see it. Right now their summarizing the game, but, since I was watching it, I don’t really care. I’m going to do another post after the game. If the Patriots win, I’ll do a post titled YAY! If not, I’ll do one titled Aww…So, I want to do one titled YAY! That was also obvious.

Ok. I’m going to watch Madonna The Singer now.

Super Bowl!

Hi Everyone!

As you know, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I have some interesting stuff about the Super Bowl.

So, you may be wondering, am I for the Patriots or the Giants? It’s not easy for me to decide, because I don’t live in New England or New York. (As my little brother pointed out, “They both start with ‘New!'”) I have family from both places. After much, much, much consideration, I am or the Patriots. (If you’re for the Giants, you can leave a comment, but please be nice! :D) My friends and I are split. Two of my friends are for the Patriots because they have family there, but two are for the Giants because they were both born in NY. My family is split, too. My mom and sister are NY. My dad, brother, and I are all for the Patriots.Hey, a little bit of family rivalry never hurt anyone, right? 🙂

Another good thing about the Super Bowl is guacamole. You might think that’s weird, but, you’ve probably never had my dad’s guacamole. It is the world’s best. I swear, it’s awesome! He could sell it. And people would, like, buy it all. He made it, and it’s SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

My mom also got hot dogs and this really good quality root beer that I love. We’re not even having a party, it’s only my family.

We also get to watch the commercials (I ❤ them. It’s weird.)

So, I’m happy. It’s almost the start, so, g2g.

❤ Naomi