Super Bowl!

Hi Everyone!

As you know, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I have some interesting stuff about the Super Bowl.

So, you may be wondering, am I for the Patriots or the Giants? It’s not easy for me to decide, because I don’t live in New England or New York. (As my little brother pointed out, “They both start with ‘New!'”) I have family from both places. After much, much, much consideration, I am or the Patriots. (If you’re for the Giants, you can leave a comment, but please be nice! :D) My friends and I are split. Two of my friends are for the Patriots because they have family there, but two are for the Giants because they were both born in NY. My family is split, too. My mom and sister are NY. My dad, brother, and I are all for the Patriots.Hey, a little bit of family rivalry never hurt anyone, right? 🙂

Another good thing about the Super Bowl is guacamole. You might think that’s weird, but, you’ve probably never had my dad’s guacamole. It is the world’s best. I swear, it’s awesome! He could sell it. And people would, like, buy it all. He made it, and it’s SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

My mom also got hot dogs and this really good quality root beer that I love. We’re not even having a party, it’s only my family.

We also get to watch the commercials (I ❤ them. It’s weird.)

So, I’m happy. It’s almost the start, so, g2g.

❤ Naomi


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