Half Time!!

Dear readers

I’m HAPPY! It’s 10-9, Patriots in the lead!!!! I’m doing this during half time. My dad was going crazy when the Patriots got the touchdown with 8 seconds to spare. My entire family is all Patriots now. My sister switched to Patriots because she didn’t like the Giants’ uniform. My mom switched to Patriots since we all were.

OK. So, Madonna is doing the half time entertainment, (The singer. In case that wasn’t completely obvious,) and I want to see it. Right now their summarizing the game, but, since I was watching it, I don’t really care. I’m going to do another post after the game. If the Patriots win, I’ll do a post titled YAY! If not, I’ll do one titled Aww…So, I want to do one titled YAY! That was also obvious.

Ok. I’m going to watch Madonna The Singer now.


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