Let’s Move!

Hi Readers!

Beyoncé and Michelle Obama have teamed up to fight childhood obesity with the ‘Let’s Move!’ Program. It’s not like I have any problem with fighting childhood obesity or anything, but it’s weird.

My school is small, so our teachers do our PE. They had the ‘great’ idea to have us do the dance for PE, but without most of the hand motions, for a simplified version like Michelle Obama does in this video. But simpler.  We do the clapping and the jump rope- ing, but that’s it  for the hands. They’re making us do it like a flash mob during lunch, and I’m not exited.

Our teachers put us in 2 rows to practice. Unfortunately, I was next to someone who’s kind of, um, weird. He shall go nameless on the off chance he sees this. But anyway, he’s kind of overweight and, weird. He will be, like, overly friendly in a bad way and stuff. People don’t really like him, I try to be nice, but it’s sort  of hard. We were all supposed to be about 2 feet apart, but he was like 8 inches away from me. He was totally in my personal bubble. I was trying to be polite and not get in the personal space of the person on my right, but it was hard.

One of the teachers did marching band, so she wanted us to be evenly spaced. She made us stick out our right arm and lightly touch the person on our right’s shoulder. Sadly, the, um, weird person was like putting his hand all over my shoulder in a really awkward way and keeping it there after the teacher said we could stop. I was soooo uncomfortable!

Finally, one of the teachers started a third row. I went to it and was next to 2 non- overcrowding people.

But we still have to do the dance.

And the worst thing? I actually like dancing. I feel sad for the people who don’t. It must be even worse.

❤ Naomi


One thought on “Let’s Move!

  1. I have always wanted to be in a flashmob. Well, maybe not always since I didn’t know about them always. In fact they probably weren’t even a thing when I was younger. But I could imagine distinctly NOT wanting to be in a flashmob when I was 11, if it meant performing at school. I don’t know.

    Love you. ❤

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