DC canceled…

Hi all,

My class WAS going on a DC trip. BUT, they CANCELED it because they gave the parents one month to cough up 1,800 bucks, and since nobody could in that short amout of time, no.  So, instead, were going to Whitwell, (the 6 million paper clips place) and some aquarium. Not a sleepover like DC was supposed to be. 😦 Some people in my class (And I privately agree) are mad because were going to see a bunch of paperclips and some fish. A boy in my class was saying that we could go to Staples’ paperclip section; they probably have six million paperclips! I decided that we could stop by PetSmart on the way back. They have some fish there! Or we could even go to the grocery store. Sometimes they have live fish.

❤ Naomi


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