Grandpa Steve

Hey you guys.

My grandpa just died. He was my biological grandpa on my mom’s side… I didn’t really know him that well, since he and my grandma got divorced when my mom was little.

He had a lot of health problems and he, as my dad put it, “smoked like a chimney, ate really bad, and didn’t exercize, so it’s amazing he lived that long.” (He was in his late 60s)

He was also kind of mentally imballanced. like, he once ran away from his hospital place that he lived in. And we had to go to California (where he lived) and put up signs on street signs and telephone poles and stuff.

we finally found him in a church’s homeless place. Or at least something like that, I’m still not totally sure.

So, he was a teeny bit crazy.

He sent us gifts anonymously. and they were pretty good gifts, too. (we think it was him… we never were sure. they were anonymous, after all.)

I could never understand him on the phone, so i just made uh-huhs that could be yes or no so I didn’t hurt his feelings.

He was really, really, sweet, but also really, really weird.

I don’t even remember the last time i talked to him.

his name was steve, or to me, grandpa steve.

my grandma on my mom’s side (his former wife) remarried, so i still have a maternal grandpa, but not him.

my dad’s dad died when he was 3, and his mom also remarried. so, now i have no biological grandpas, but 2 step-grandpas.



I don’t know if im going to the funeral or not….

my mom is.

it was her dad.

I’ve never been to the funeral part of a funeral. Just the memorial part, since the last funeral I went to was when I was little. My dad would take me and my sister outside, away from the grave, and we’d look at tombstones. Once, it was at the cemetery where my dad’s dad and my dad’s grandmother are buried, so we just went to their graves. That was nice.




Rest in peace, grandpa.

❤ Naomi


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