TN State Capital Field Trip

Guess where I went yesterday?

Correct! The Tennessee state capitol!

There were lots of fun, educational things there. As in, the guy who designed the building and the guy who oversaw the building, aka begged the government for more money to fund the building are buried in the building! And President James Polk and his wife are buried outside the building on what our tour guide (who had a big, blue ring on his middle finger, a bad haircut, and a superhero lanyard on which his ID card hung) called “The Lawn.”

We also saw the Tennessee House of Representatives voting by going on a balcony above them. It was interesting, but honestly, the only things about it worth remembering were:

  • The lady who was talking was talking REALLY FAST!  Like, no one could understand her.
  • There are representatives who I will always remember. Their last names are:
  1. Butt (With 2 “T”s! God, that dude must have suffered a LOT in middle school. Poor representative Butt.)
  2. Pitt (Like Brad Pitt or an Arm Pit. Either way is hillarious.)
  3. Sexton (See comment on Butt, but delete the 2 ts thing and replace Butt with Sexton.)
  4. And there were like 3 with the last name “Turner.” Weird.
  5. This just proves my theory that people with weird last names will do exceptionally well in life. No offense to all those Smiths, Joneses, and Browns out there. I’m sure you will do great, my little 2.2% of the population. No, that’s actually true.)
  • Outside of that room, there was a sign near a bust of Andrew Jackson. My teacher got mad at one of my friends for noticing that it said what the “Date Erected” was. (I personally think it’s funny enough that it’s called a “bust.” No matter how famous I may get some day, I never want anyone making a bust of me.)

Random factoid: (Please feel free to use this at your next trivia club meeting. If they even exist. And if you are a member there.)

There are (according to my count) 308 stairs leading up to the first floor of the state capitol. And then another billion to get to the top. Not quite literally.

The Tennessee State Capital is a great place to be. 😀

❤ Naomi




6 thoughts on “TN State Capital Field Trip

  1. This is hysterical. Grandpa thinks this should be published and keeps saying,
    “Save that, save that!!”

    • I wanted to be the first “like” but they keep refusing my user name.
      I will try again later but I LIKE! Grandma Paula

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