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Bonjour Living Things,

I cleaned out my locker for the end of the year. I found:

  • A ziplock bag full of dry (thank goodness) cereal
  • A paper from the first day of school
  • A notebook that I thought I lost
  • A school library book that was overdue
  • ten zillion papers
  • ten zillion erasers, pens, and pencils
  •  the usual books, textbooks, and binders

❤ N

Naomi Popcorn has a New Look!

Hi readers!

As you can see, Naomi Popcorn has a new look! For summer, I updated the background to pink! Do you like it?

I decided on pink because I wanted something… Fresh! Something… New! Something… Completely different!

Plus, pink is so making a comeback. 😀

What? Am I not allowed to read fashion magazines?

Tell me how you like it.

❤ Naomi

Summer Polls!

Hello all!

Everyone’s looking forward to summer! What are you doing this summer?

People love swimming, wading, and playing in water in the summer! Where will you be doing this?

Summer food Rocks! What’s your Favorite?

Also, summer drinks! Who doesn’t like icy goodness?

Have a happy summer! Put comments on what your doing!

A Few Polls

Do you like ’em?

What is up with Old Fashion Stuff Being “Erected?” Why Can’t They Just Say “Built??”

Hello fellow living organisms!

I went on my last field trip at my school EVER!!! We went to the Carter House and the Carnton Plantation. It was the most interesting field trip so far this year…

But they had a Confederate Soldier/Family/Slave graveyard. And guess what it said on about 1/2 of the family tombstones???

If you guessed “Date Erected,” YOU GUESSED RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Like, come on! Why are all these old fashioned people’s stuff saying DATE ERECTED!!!!!!!!!


What the !&#^*#@ $*)#&*(*&^%$#@!#$%^&*(%???????????????????????????


Oh well,

❤ naomi

IFAQs Contest

Hiya all!

Check out my new page: IFAQs! Infrequently asked questions…

I’m having a contest about IFAQs. Come up with a funny IFAQ. Don’t answer it, and put it as a comment. I will pick my favorites to answer and put on my FAQs page!!

Go, go, go!!!

Come up with dumb questions!!!

Good luck!!

❤ Naomi