America’s Next Top Chef??

Hi, y’all,

I made dinner tonight. I’m not a bad cook, in fact, I’m pretty good, but here’s tonight’s menu and the critiques from the chef herself!

Stir Fry-
Star rating: 4/5
Ingredients: Turkey, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, olive oil, sesame seeds, gluten free soy sauce.
I like it! The only problem is it’s a tiny bit too oily and the turkey kind of tastes turkeyish in a weird way. But otherwise, I like it!

Star rating: 4/5
Ingredients: Salad greens, chopped orange, cheese, raisins, dressing (see below.)
This is actually really, really good. I maybe should have given it five, but IDK.

Star rating: 4/5
Ingredients: Cherry vinegar, olive oil, gluten free soy sauce, garlic powder.
This was good dressing. Luckily, I made it in a little separate container, since I made about twice as much as I needed. Can you tell I like garlic?

Iced Decaf Coffee-
Star rating: 2/5
Water, powdered decaf, milk, maple syrup, sugar, ice.
Let me just say that it is HARD to use powdered decaf as a something for iced decaf, especially if you make a pitcher. I had to use almost 1/2 the unopened container of powdered decaf! 😦 ;( And it’s still kind of weak. I didn’t want to use all the maple syrup, so I switched to sugar. Unfortunately, Mrs. Chef-Brainiac didn’t leave enough room for the milk, so she had to dump some in the sink, but there STILL wasn’t enough room. So now I’m left with mediocre not sweet enough, not milky enough, not strong enough coffee.



6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Chef??

  1. Happy Birthday Nomi. Have a great day.
    Your recipes sound good…food great, coffee, not so much.
    This is how we made iced coffee when we were growing up. Take the powdered decaf and dissolve it first with a small amount of hat water. Figure out the total amount of servings and how much you need for your total. i.e, if one teaspoon is used for a cup of coffee, than do the math to find out how much you will need for four servings. When this is thouroughty dissolved,
    add the rest of the water, but now it can be cold. Then add the sweetener and the milk and
    ice. Try using a big pitcher if you have one. Give it a try. Then you will have a great menu.
    Keep up the good work, Chef Nomi.
    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY first grandchild.
    xoxoxoxoxoxo, Grandma Paula

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