We’re going to LA on Thursday!!!!!!!!

I’m so exited!! Especially because the last time was for a funeral. hope the plane’s better!

Anyways, some stuff we’re gonna do is:

  1. see family
  2. have a pool party at my grandparents’ pool
  3. go to the beach
  4. go shopping
  5. see my adorable no, he wouldn’t like that, cute, no, that’s worse, ok, AWESOME 8 year old cousin
  6. see his parents (uncle frying pan/french fry* and auntie l) *don’t ask.
  7. go to disneyland for 2 days!
  8. see friends
  9. relax
  10. swim
  11. hang out
  12. have fun
  13. drive back, cross country, to my house, except my mom, (she’s going to south korea for a work trip) so i get DIBS ON FRONT SEAT THE WHOLE WAY!

im not trying to brag, I’m just soooooooooooooooo exited!

bad news: i have to reorganize my room/ closet before we go. 😦

❤ Naomi



One thought on “LA

  1. That’s SOOO UBER (I don’t know how to put the dots over the U. What’s that about anyway?) AWESOME that your mom is going to SOUTH KOREA!!! That’s in Asia right… sorry for my momentary blanking on that….

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