Update on my life!

Hi Creatures of the Universe! (Humans, living stuff on earth, aliens, whoever.)

I am writing this post to update you on my life!

I am also writing this post to tell you about my new fav singer…………. Adele!

She is awesome. Here’s some reasons why:

  • She’s a great singer
  • She’s a great songwriter
  • She’s pretty (Not in a robot mannikin way, an actual human way.)
  • She’s British and they’re hosting the Olympics. (Random)
  • I love her songs!


Just telling you. Cuz I felt like it.

And my favorite Adele songs are…

Someone Like You

Rolling in the Deep

Set Fire to the Rain

Rumour Has It

Separate subject:

Yes, that is all of the sports.

I ❤ the Olympics!


2 thoughts on “Update on my life!

  1. Glad you added the Olympics poll… I missed the Popcorn polls! I need to hear this Adele gal and see what the fuss is all about.

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