How To Survive 7th Grade

unless you are suffering from EXTREMELY serious short term memory loss, you probably can tell from the title of this post that I’m in 7th grade. And, for all of you 7th graders or going-to-be-7th-graders, or even for curious non-7th graders/7th grade graduates, I decided to let you in on a not so top secret. I am having a great year so far in what is supposed to be a year of horror.


I know some of that’s luck, but here are the top 10 ways of Surviving Seventh Grade:


  1. Have a group of 2 or 3 close friends that are in lots of your classes. Give yourselves a cute nickname. Mine is NASA, because my name is Naomi, and my friends’ first names start with A, S, and A, so we came up with NASA. Our slogans are: “It’s not rocket science! It’s just NASA!” and “It’s like the old NASA, but girlier.” With your friends, attempt movie like things like 4 way high fives, autographing your hands, and talking about crazy stuff.
  2. Have a crush on an insanely cute guy, who likes you back. It helps if you have lots of classes together.
  3. Flirt with this insanely cute guy. (who shall go nameless, because I want to respect his privacy and blah blah blah, and also cuz I’d die of embarrassment if he found out that a zillion people were reading about how I totally love him blah blah blah. anyway, you get it.) It helps if you have lots of classes together.
  4. During lunch, while being served cooked veggies that smell, taste, and look like vomit, make whimsical comments about how just because they serve us that watery, stringy stuff doesn’t mean we’ll eat it.
  5. Make walrus teeth (by biting off the ends of french fries and sticking them over your canines. This crazy thing was what your mom and her brother invented) at your group of friends and across the room at the aforementioned crush, (The girls and boys have separate sides of the room, idk why, it is 2012, but oh well.)who laughs so hard that the cafeteria monitor with that crazy, whiny voice looks at you funny. This is amusing not only to you and your crush-who-likes-you-back, but to your friends.
  6. Spend the rest of the lunch talking about how he keeps looking at you and looking away and making faces and whispering to his friend, forgetting that you are doing the same thing.
  7. Pass notes constantly. To your equivalent of NASA only, because otherwise someone will tell on you, which sucks.
  8. Have your math/homeroom/intervention teacher love you. (Intervention= extended homeroom around lunch.) This is great, because she won’t ask you to stop whispering so much. as much. Also, if you did 7th grade math last year, and get good grades, she’ll like you even more.
  9. Complain constantly that the bathroom doors need locks. This is a therapeutic strategy invented by Ghandi who was seeking a non-violent way to express frustration about lack of privacy, but made famous by middle school girls.
  10. And lastly, have fun! Write lists of awesome names at your school. (There are always some cool names. Everywhere.) Draw pictures of those annoying girls noses. Ponder why all the kids on the cover of textbooks are doing something athletic. (I mean, come on. I’m totally going to swim laps cuz the girl on my math book is! Not.) Enjoy life. Hate homework.

The End!





Blue Background!

Hi everyone!
You might have noticed that my background is now blue.
I’m not sure what inspired me to change from pink… Actually, I just wanted to mix it up a little without changing everything.
And, blue is very pretty!
Who doesn’t like blue? (Actually, if you don’t like blue, it’s ok.)


I’ve been making very short posts lately. I guess I don’t have anything long to say.


Oh well.


Thanks for reading!

❤ Naomi

Why I Love Weekends

I love weekends. Even though I like school, it’s nice to have days (1 or 2) where we can stay in our pajamas way too late, sleep later than we do for school, and RELAX! (And do chores, but I’m doing the positives…)

I don’t know why I made a post about this, because this whole post is only 69 words long…
Oh well.

Just thought I’d say something… IDK
❤ Naomi

Awesome Principal

Dear Readers,
I started school today.

And let me just say, our principal is awesome. I’ll call her Mrs. P. for privacy, and her last name starts with P, so, yeah.

During 7th and 8th grade assembly, Mrs. P. was talking about SSA. (Standard school attire) She herself was wearing a long greyish skirt and a dark red shirt. (AKA the school colors) As she was walking across the gym talking, an 8th grade girl was gesturing something to her, but no one knew what she meant. Then, all of a sudden, something black and fabricy fell out from her skirt. Everyone was silent for about 5 seconds and then we all started CRACKING UP!

It turns out, the black thing was a slip and the girl was gesturing that something was slipping.

Luckily, Mrs. P had a good sense of humor about it! She looked down, and one of the teachers took it off the floor. She said
“I know you all are 7th and 8th graders, so I can’t get you to stop laughing. So, everyone, laugh!”

And we all cracked up some more.

Anyway, good day.
❤ Naomi