Awesome Principal

Dear Readers,
I started school today.

And let me just say, our principal is awesome. I’ll call her Mrs. P. for privacy, and her last name starts with P, so, yeah.

During 7th and 8th grade assembly, Mrs. P. was talking about SSA. (Standard school attire) She herself was wearing a long greyish skirt and a dark red shirt. (AKA the school colors) As she was walking across the gym talking, an 8th grade girl was gesturing something to her, but no one knew what she meant. Then, all of a sudden, something black and fabricy fell out from her skirt. Everyone was silent for about 5 seconds and then we all started CRACKING UP!

It turns out, the black thing was a slip and the girl was gesturing that something was slipping.

Luckily, Mrs. P had a good sense of humor about it! She looked down, and one of the teachers took it off the floor. She said
“I know you all are 7th and 8th graders, so I can’t get you to stop laughing. So, everyone, laugh!”

And we all cracked up some more.

Anyway, good day.
❤ Naomi


8 thoughts on “Awesome Principal

  1. So happy that your first day was so great! I know one other person in the universe, and her slip slipped when she was introducing the guest speaker. The audience felt like seventh and eighth graders but REALLY tried, without success, not to laugh.

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