Bicentennial Mall

OMG what is up with teachers and the state capitol????

On Friday, we went on a field trip learning expedition. (According to our teachers, they are different things. Learning expedition= one class block, we go to learn, field trip= fun only, whole day. No, I don’t get it either, but oh well…)

And if you saw the title, you know that we went to the bicentennial mall. Which is right in front of the capitol, that we went to last year. (See post about that here.)

Even though it was way too hot for September, and I cannot figure out what is up with the girl/ boy seating, I had fun.

Here are the highlights of the trip:

  • We got to do a scavenger hunt on a giant state map. My group was 3 of my friends, so that was was fun. When we got to our city, we were finding where lived for fun. It was harder for some of us, but one of my friends’ apartments was like three feet away, so it was easy for him!
  • There were some 7 year olds on a field trip there, too. They were all wearing suits and dresses and heels. (boys were not wearing the dresses and heels. Just saying.) All of my friends and I were baffled at why anybody would wear super fancy stuff on a field trip. There was this little “couple” aka a teeny girl in teetering heels and this tiny boy in this mega hot (Meaning stuffy, not cute) suit, holding hands. It was really funny.
  • There was this fountain we were contemplating running into.
  • We didn’t.
  • But we wanted too.

Anyway, it was fun.

❤ N


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