How to Make a Police Dog Cry


I recently learned how to make a police dog cry. I’m sure you’re saying “how the heck do you know how to make a police dog cry?” So I won’t do any of that blah blah pre-post stuff. I’ll just get into the story, ‘kay?

At school, we had these drug-sniffing police dogs come in and sniff the doors of the classrooms and the lockers. I think it’s district policy, but IDK. So, anyway, during 5th block, the vice-principal came in and said that know students were allowed in the hallway because of the search. So all of a sudden, we hear this bark and this low, quiet, puppy whine. Of course we all jump a little, but we sort of forget until we’re getting our backpacks.

The hall smelled like- well, I’m keeping it PG, so I’ll just say, uh, awful!!!!!!!!!We were all confused and uber grossed out, but then we found out that the dogs hadn’t found anything illegal, but they did find this:

One boy(who was absent that day and who’s locker was so conveniently close-ish to mine)’s locker had a bunch of smelly, rotten hot dogs and chicken and sour cream and disgusting old food. And the poor little big huge dog, with it’s magnified sense of smell, had to find it. And because the locker didn’t have a lock, the police officer opened it up and stunk up the entire 7th grade hall.

One of the teachers sprayed Febreze (A breath of fresh air) (And I can’t answer if Febreze is sponsoring me.) in the hallway, but sadly it just made the hallway smell like a bathroom. Not a breath of fresh air, contrary to prior knowledge.

AND THAT, ladies and gents, is how to make a police dog cry.

❤ Naomi



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