So underrated!

Hello humans of the Earth and aliens of Mars!

These are some underrated stuff:

  1. Second hand stores- I love these things. there are some reaaally nice stuff there. My mom got some purple jeans. I got this gently used leather coat for 12 bucks. And there all clean and good quality.
  2. Ballet flats- I love these, too. I have like 3 pairs and wear them almost every day. I actually have these.
  3. Aquariums- Cute fishies, creepy sharks, funny otters. And they have some pretty cool gift shops.
  4. Water- We freaking need this stuff. Yet unless you don’t have it, you don’t think twice about it.
  5. Reptiles- They’re acutally really, really cute.
  6. Zippers- Like, really. Sliding this little metal thingy unfastens and fastens things.

And that is all.

❤ Naomi