So underrated!

Hello humans of the Earth and aliens of Mars!

These are some underrated stuff:

  1. Second hand stores- I love these things. there are some reaaally nice stuff there. My mom got some purple jeans. I got this gently used leather coat for 12 bucks. And there all clean and good quality.
  2. Ballet flats- I love these, too. I have like 3 pairs and wear them almost every day. I actually have these.
  3. Aquariums- Cute fishies, creepy sharks, funny otters. And they have some pretty cool gift shops.
  4. Water- We freaking need this stuff. Yet unless you don’t have it, you don’t think twice about it.
  5. Reptiles- They’re acutally really, really cute.
  6. Zippers- Like, really. Sliding this little metal thingy unfastens and fastens things.

And that is all.

❤ Naomi



One thought on “So underrated!

  1. I think penguins are underrated!!!! The dad emporer penguins watch the eggs for nine weeks while the moms go hunt in waters with KILLER WHALES AND LEOPARD SEALS!!!! Since in geography wer’re learning about Antarctica we watched a video about this and the leopard seal was chasing the penguin and caught it TWICE! BOTH TIMES THE PENGUIN ESCAPED!!!!
    GO PENGUINS!!!!!! ❤

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