I’m At School

Hi Everyone

Right now, I’m at school on one of the school laptops, and I have good news! Yesterday, because of my other post, they put locks on the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!! And they had these “dudes in suits” who observed lunch. I had too meet with the principal, but it was okay becuase she was really nice about it.

Also, my mom let me get a Facebook! Finally!!! To make a page for my school! Because the principal shut down the school website because  my mom put this blog post on the website. But thanks for that, principal!!! Anyway, we also had a great lunch yesterday with the observer guys. So, thanks, lunch ladies!

Also, the principal said that the Tennesean called her and I might be in the newspaper! So, thanks, newspaper!

And I had almost 600 hits on my blog yesterday! Three were from Canada, 1 from Australia, 1 from Israel, 1 from the Netherlands! Cool!  Thanks everyone who read that! Peoples! (My friend said to say that instead.)

Anyway, now I’m really happy. Thanks everyone for your support! Things are gradually getting better here!

❤ Naomi


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