Spring is Springing!

Hello, Tulips, Daffy-down-dillies*, peach tree blossoms, and short sleeves! (Oh, and all you people reading this, too.)

I love how the seasons change just when you’re getting absolutely fed up with the last one.

I also love how I get to break out all of my stale warm weather clothes and have fun seeing which ones fit and having to go shopping to replace the other ones.

I like it being warm enough to sit outside without a coat on some days.

I like not having people think my ballet-flat obsession is as crazy.

And most of all, I like planning SUMMER!

I could go into a whole long thing of everything I’m going to do this summer, but I’ll save that for when it actually happens.

I am having a very eventful spring. I am almost 3/4 of the way done with 7th grade (as of tomorrow), if you can believe it! I am mostly not sad to see it go. I will miss a teeny tiny bit of the laughs we get out of our craziness. But only a little. I am 3 months away from my bat mitzvah, so I have been BUSY with that, which has been admittedly a little stressful. I’m excited, though. It’s all coming together.

I am really looking forward to: warm, flowers, summer, spring break, my bat mitzvah, warm heavy rains, shorts, tee shirts and tank tops, sandals, flip flops, and wearing my new spaghetti strap orange flowery dress, being a teenager officially.

I am not looking forward to: allergies.

Other than that, things are pretty sunny! (Lame pun totally intended.)

Okay, ta ta for now! My sister has been BEGGING for the computer. I will be a nice big sister and say good night.

So good night!

❤ Naomi



*secret garden reference. READ it! it’s a good book!


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