A Day in the Life

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I got some cool writing prompts from my mom’s awesome friend and colleague, Book Lady. I mean Melanie, oops!

I thought you might be interested in hearing a little bit about what an average Thursday is like for me. So here you go! (Times are approximate!)

7:04 am: Wake up. Lie in bed for about 15 minutes until I get bored or Mom makes me get out of bed.

7:20 am: Get up, shower, get dressed. Spend too much time looking at uniform variations before finally deciding on the first thing I looked at.

7:40 am: Eat, brush teeth, do makeup, get last minute stuff together. For breakfast I usually have something small because I’m not that hungry in the morning. School makeup is usually something simple: tan, sort of sparkly eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and this amazing Aveda lip gloss that I swear I’ve gotten addicted to in the last few weeks.

8:00 am: Walk my dog, if I’m on the morning shift that day. My sister and I usually switch out every day or two.

8:15 am: Leave for school. Drive. Listen to the radio. Talk to Mom or Dad. Pretty boring, to be honest.

8:40 am: Arrive at school. Go upstairs to the 8th grade hall, avoiding the masses of pushing, shoving idiots who are so plentiful. The best strategy is to kind of walk quickly in a zigzag around them. Go to my locker, which is a bottom locker this year (sob) and put away my backpack and get my books for Algebra. Find awesome new friend, who will go by L for her privacy and all that, and talk about random stuff until class starts.

Okay so since school only just started, I don’t know the exact times that we switch classes, so instead I just put the periods from now until the end of the day.

1st Period: Homeroom and Intervention: I have no idea what intervention is for. I think we’re supposed to use it as extra work time, but so far it’s basically extended Algebra.

2nd Period: Algebra 1: This is a high school credit class (yay) so hopefully once we get a teacher it should be really good. Yes, I did say that we don’t have a teacher. The old Algebra teacher left, and they haven’t gotten a new teacher yet, so instead we have the math coach in our room. We’re mainly doing busy work, but hopefully that will change soon.

3rd Period: English: This class is anything but a normal 8th grade English class. How many English teachers show movie clips and read fairy tale remixes to learn about story elements, have a fluffy floral couch in their room, and think it’s perfectly acceptable for students to take notes on aforementioned clips while lying on the floor? Not many, except for our totally awesome teacher. This class is more challenging, but fun.

Lunch: Go to cafeteria, fill up ingenious Brita water bottle that makes normal water fountain water taste amazing, hope that I finally remembered napkins in my lunchbox, realize I didn’t, steal napkins from L. This is the perfectly timed social brain break in the day. During this… Not really class, I basically talk to L and other people in my 3rd period class (we sit by classes,) eat, and kind of wish that 8th graders got nap time minus the awkwardness that would come with sleeping near a bunch of random classmates.

4th Period: Science: My science teacher does a lot of Powerpoints with the lights off, so sometimes people (never me) sort of doze off until other people (often me) poke them with an eraser or something, which is sad because its really interesting. This is another high school credit class, so it’s very important and yada yada. Besides that, I think we learn a lot in it. This is usually the class where my bladder seriously almost explodes, even if I go to the bathroom before class. Must be all the ingenious Brita water or something.

5th Period: Social Studies: Start getting restless *here*. This is about the time when everyone does the obsessive clock-glancing, even though we still have about 2.5 hours left of school. Probably because we all have decided that we’d be okay with the whole sleeping-in-front-of-people thing if it meant we could sleep. 8th graders have this weird habit of having times where they want to fall asleep and run around like idiots simultaneously. This class is American History, but we are still reviewing Geography from last year.

6th Period: Related Arts: Yay! Last class! And it’s non-academic, which means we have to think less, which is good because we’re all pretty burnt out by now. Good thinking, whoever decided to put 8th grade related arts here. This quarter, I have Computer, which is fun even though we have to work. Around 3:30, begin checking the clock every 7 minutes or so.

3:50 pm: Dismissal for car riders! Use same techniques for exiting the building that I did for entering. Go outside, stand around, talk to people, especially L and my other friend, M, who’s not in any of my classes. (Sob again) My other other friend, who shall go by O, doesn’t go to my school, and he gets out an hour earlier than me, so usually I’ll have a text from him that I can reply to around now.

4:00 pm: Get picked up! Get in car, retell highlights of the day and frustrations about the no-teacher scenario, text M because we were in the middle of a conversation when I was whisked away. Continue conversation with O as well.

4:15 pm: Arrive home, get mail, look for anything interesting, usually be disappointed. Go inside, put stuff away, get out homework.

4:25 pm: Start homework. There hasn’t been a whole lot yet since the year has just started. Usually I finish in about 20 minutes.

4:45 pm: Become social! Check Facebook and Harry Potter Facebook pages, text people, do random things on my phone.

5:20 pm: Keep texting people, but start another activity because I’m working on not being a “phone hermit,” my mom’s phrase for when I stay upstairs and do stuff on my phone all night. Activities include: reading, working on my current novel that is going very sloooooooooowwwwly, going on Harry Potter websites, and other random forms of entertainment.

6:15 pm: Dinner! Eat. Socialize with my family. Laugh about random stuff.

6:45 pm: Put stuff away, clean my room, all that fun stuff.

7:10 pm: Text people more, read, similar stuff to 5:20 but more texting people.

8:30 pm: Get bored with all of that, change activity, work on getting my Hebrew vocabulary somewhat above that of an Israeli 4 year old.

9:00 pm: Honestly it depends on the day. Sometimes I’ll text people, sometimes I’ll do aforementioned activities, sometimes I’ll do other random things. Today I worked on this blog post.

10:00 pm: Phone’s bedtime. Aka I plug in my phone and am supposed to start mobilizing towards bed, but I suddenly think of all this fun/important stuff to do. Stall as much as possible.

10:10 pm: Get banished upstairs. Get pajamas on, brush teeth, read, come up with something until I actually get tired.

10:25 pm: Think that I’m actually tired. Get in bed, mind decides to become the most active thing on the planet. Sudden random energy burst that would have been nice about 5 hours ago. Fight off random energy burst. Actually get tired.

10:something pm: fall asleep. Wait about 9 or so hours, repeat from the top with slight variations.

The end!!


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