Inter-Continental Communications

Hi Everyone,

This post may end  up being somewhat of a minirant, but I’ll try to keep it as un-ranty as possible. As you probably know, my family has been in Israel for about 5 weeks now and we’ll be here for a little while longer. Before I left, I made a point of setting up many ways for my friends and teachers to communicate with me. I gave people my email address, Israeli phone number, and Skype. I set up accounts on messaging apps that I don’t normally use but my friends use so that they could talk to me. I printed out multiple page long memos for my teachers that contained everything they could possibly need to know about when I was gone.

The first few weeks that I was away, I heard from people at least every few days. It wasn’t that big of a deal not to hear from someone for a little bit because they’d get back to me. However, lately I’ve had to email/facebook message/faux-text people first, and when I do, I don’t always hear back. I’m not saying this to try and get people to feel bad, because I understand that people have lives and it’s the holiday season and not everyone checks their phones every day etc. It’s just kind of hard to not talk to people who you normally see every day.

I really love my friends here, but it’s harder to communicate with them because my Hebrew is limited and their English is limited. Especially for non-face to face conversations, Google translate is usually involved for both parties. It’s really fun to get to know them,  but it’s a different kind of thing than talking to people who have the same native language as me.

It’s complicated trying to tell the difference between Someone Who Isn’t Good At Keeping In Touch and Someone Who Wants  Me To Stop Talking To Them Already. The grey area in between is shaky and varies by person. I’m doing my best not to take anything personally, though. I’d rather assume the best in people even if I’m not great at it.

If you’re reading this as someone who hasn’t been talking to me as much as you might, please don’t feel bad. I’m not making this post to be like “oh maybe if people read this then they’ll talk to me la-dee-dah I’m just wallowing in self pity don’t mind me!” To be honest, I’m making it because my mom saw me refreshing my phone every five seconds and wanted to give me something more productive to do 🙂

At the same time, if you do want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at my blog email or whatever other means you have of talking to me.

Thanks for reading, and I promise my next post will be less complainy.

<3, Naomi


3 thoughts on “Inter-Continental Communications

  1. OMG Naomi! I am really sorry that I haven’t been keeping in touch. I just didn’t really know how to reach you but I miss you SOOOOOOOOO much! I really can’t wait till you get back and we can throw a slumber party with SG! I am so sorry because you called me and I think you were trying to say goodbye but my phone was on silent and by the time I checked it I thought you would have left!!! 😦 I miss you! Come home so I can hug you to death!!!!

    • Aww it’s okay girly! Thatll be super fun! Can’t wait! Email me and I’ll tell you when I’m back (don’t want to put it up for security reasons etc) so we can par-tay! Hehe. Miss you!!!

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