The Fault in Our Stars Response Video

Hi, Everyone!*

Yesterday was the release of the movie trailer of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The trailer was absolutely amazing. It more than lived up to my extensive fangirl dissecting. After I finished watching it a million times and shedding the required tears, (By the way, for those of you in the fandom: Okay? Not okay.) I went on every possible social networking site to freak out about it with my fellow Nerdfighters. (The Nerdfightaria is the fandom/lifestyle for the John and Hank Green fandom. We don’t fight nerds. We embody them.) On one of the websites, someone had posted a link to a contest. The winner of the contest would win a free trip to the movie premiere in NYC. Given that I was home sick, I figured that I might as well enter the contest.

The contest criteria were simple: make a video response to the movie trailer. As I started thinking about what was so important to me about TFIOS, my thoughts kept going back to the day before, which should have been my uncle’s 43rd birthday. He died of cancer when I was seven, so I didn’t get to know him that well.

If you need a crash course in the plot of TFIOS, here’s a link.

I started writing down exactly what I was thinking and feeling about the trailer, and as I wrote, it progressed into what would be a voiceover to my submission video. I decided that instead of a normal vlog, I would make a slideshow with pictures of my mom and uncle combined with stills from the movie and beautiful fanart by super talented people. This morning, I finished the video and uploaded it onto Youtube.

Here is the link to the absolutely breathtaking trailer: (Note: after viewing, one may experience symptoms such as crying, feels-feeling, desire to see the movie NOW, and other symptoms fangirls/guys live with every day.)

And here is the link to my response video: (I recommend watching the trailer first so that you can get an idea of what I’m referencing from the video) (It isn’t linking automatically for some reason so I had to link it the old fashioned way)

Thanks for watching and reading!

<3, Naomi

*I really do need to come up with new ways to start posts…