About Me!

I have decided that because you are going to be reading my blog, you might want a more detailed idea of me. Because I want to make sure to use ‘internet safety,’ I will not be too specific. 🙂

The short story is that I am a middle school girl who decided to start a blog. If you are satisfied with that, then you may stop reading. Otherwise, read on!

I love, Adele and Maroon 5. I have also recently discovered the awesomeness of Christina Perri and Jason Mraz and have been listening to a lot of their Pandora stations. I have a crush on Adam Levine and watch The Voice religiously. In a good way.

Some things I love are writing, reading, acting, daydreaming, cooking, and, of course, blogging. My family consists of my mom, my dad, my younger sister, my younger brother, and my extremely fluffy, crazy, cuddly bichon frise. He is usually cute, sometimes gross, and sometimes yippy. I love my family, including my furballish cutie.

I mentioned that I like The Voice. I will mention it again. I also like Once Upon a Time. One of my friends keeps trying to get me to be obsessed with Glee as much as she is, but for me, it’s more of a “watch when you are sick and home on a Wednesday at 11 am and nothing is on and then watch 1/2 of the season” kind of thing.

I’m a Harry Potter fandom nerd. I’ve read the series 13 times since I started it in first grade with my mom. My facebook news feed is 75% Harry Potter related. I’ve been sucked into the black hole of fandomness and will probably never return.

My hair is forever curly, fluffy, frizzy, painstaking, and amazing. Contrary to popular belief, it is dark brown. Not black. Look at it in the sun (if you know me) and you will see my point. Today it had red in it in the car. I am slowly focusing on the positive of my hair. It is a process.

I am skinny but not model skinny. I could be if I wanted to, but  I’d rather not be on a forever diet. I like food too much.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

❤ Naomi


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