Hi, Everyone!

I am writing a novel. It takes place in a small town in West Virginia right before and during World War II. I have been researching about different things about that time period, and here are some Gem Websites for all History Nerds out there:  These are different WWII USA propaganda poster. Some are cool, some are funny, and some are awkwardly outdated. This is a collection of different artifacts and photos from the 0000’s to the 2010s. This is a timeline of food throughout the ages. If you go to this,, it gives you an outline of different decades in the US and recipes and such.


I am having an awesomely nerdy moment here, please forgive me. 🙂


❤ Naomi


Spring is Springing!

Hello, Tulips, Daffy-down-dillies*, peach tree blossoms, and short sleeves! (Oh, and all you people reading this, too.)

I love how the seasons change just when you’re getting absolutely fed up with the last one.

I also love how I get to break out all of my stale warm weather clothes and have fun seeing which ones fit and having to go shopping to replace the other ones.

I like it being warm enough to sit outside without a coat on some days.

I like not having people think my ballet-flat obsession is as crazy.

And most of all, I like planning SUMMER!

I could go into a whole long thing of everything I’m going to do this summer, but I’ll save that for when it actually happens.

I am having a very eventful spring. I am almost 3/4 of the way done with 7th grade (as of tomorrow), if you can believe it! I am mostly not sad to see it go. I will miss a teeny tiny bit of the laughs we get out of our craziness. But only a little. I am 3 months away from my bat mitzvah, so I have been BUSY with that, which has been admittedly a little stressful. I’m excited, though. It’s all coming together.

I am really looking forward to: warm, flowers, summer, spring break, my bat mitzvah, warm heavy rains, shorts, tee shirts and tank tops, sandals, flip flops, and wearing my new spaghetti strap orange flowery dress, being a teenager officially.

I am not looking forward to: allergies.

Other than that, things are pretty sunny! (Lame pun totally intended.)

Okay, ta ta for now! My sister has been BEGGING for the computer. I will be a nice big sister and say good night.

So good night!

❤ Naomi



*secret garden reference. READ it! it’s a good book!

Disappointing Liz Lemon Ice Cream

Hello, and I’m too lazy to come up with a fancy name for you so I’ll just say readers,

I am very disappointed in the Ben and Jerry’s Liz Lemon 30 Rock themed ice cream. I am excited that they honored Tina Fey in that way, because she is on my top 10 list of Awesome Women of the 21st Century (Which  I might make a post about some time) and because she deserves ice cream, but here’s the flavor:

tina fey ice cream

OK, so LEMON flavor is kind of cute, but with Blueberry Lavender Swirl? Anyone who’s ever seen a single episode of 30 Rock knows that a more appropriate would be something like these gems:

 hamburger ice cream

cheese ice cream

steak and fries ice cream

bacon ice cream

 pizza ice cream

 hot dog ice cream

 cake ice cream

 mega chocolate ice cream

Do you get my point? Lavender blueberry lemon is graceful, elegant, and very un-liz. not that i won’t buy it!!!

BTW here is a montauge of Liz eating:


❤ Naomi


Hello, People who are reading this and robots who can’t post a comment because they can’t figure out the swirly letters, therefore causing me to not really know you’re there,

Naomi Popcorn is on Twitter! Don’t worry, the blog is still sticking around, I’m just branching out. If you want to follow me, I am easily named @naomipopcorn. I will follow you! 🙂

So far I have 2 followers, aka my moms two twitter accounts. Mommy, I love you, but I am greedy and I want MORE!! so if you help me I will be very happy.

That’s it. Short post. Practicing for twitter? Who knows. #thisisntreallyahashtagbutwhocares.

Love Naomi

Bittersweet Oranges, A Unique Moon, and Other Symbolisms

Hi Everyone,

Here I am, in LA again, for a funeral. I have a lot of family in LA. My great grandpa, Nagypapa, died last week. He was an amazing man: a holocaust survivor, a communism survivor, an immigrant who left war torn Hungary with his wife and two small children in the middle of the night.

Yesterday was his funeral. We all went to a service at his synagogue where my grandpa gave the sweetest, most meaningfully heart felt eulogy in the history of eulogies. After that, we all piled into our cars and followed the hearse and police escorts first past Nagypapa and Nagymama’s house they had lived in for 50 years. Then we continued onto the cemetery.

He was buried in an old, beautiful Jewish cemetery next to his wife of 60 years, my Nagymama. Everyone helped shovel dirt into the hole, including me. It was interesting. And messy. And sweet. And heavy.

Jews don’t put flowers on graves or tombstones, we put rocks. That might sound weird, but it comes from how rocks aren’t alive and they stick around pretty much forever, just like our love for that person.

Nagymama and Nagypapa share a gravestone. Nagypapa’s hasn’t been engraved yet. Nagymama’s has, and it’s very pretty. It has their last name at the top, and her name in a little square along with some other information.

After we left the cemetery, we went back to their house. Nagymama died last year, and she spent her last days in that house. So did Nagypapa.

I hardly remember Nagymama because the last time I saw her was in 2004. I remember she was sweet and old and made really good food. It’s actually kind of funny, because since I was so little, I only came up to her stomach, and so I remember her up to her stomach. She was amazing, though. She survived the concentration camp Auschwitz.

I remember Nagypapa because we visited him at his house this summer. He was also very sweet. In addition, after Nagymama died, my dad made it a priority to call him every week before Shabbat on Friday and talk, so I had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone sometimes. About a week before he died, I was able to sing him some of my Torah portion for my bat mitzvah. I think I really made him happy. The last thing I heard him say to me was “That was beautiful, beautiful.” Then I said thank you and I asked if he wanted to talk to my sister and he said yes, so I made a point of telling him I loved him before I gave him to my sister. So I guess the last thing I actually heard him say was “yes, ok. I love you too.” I’m really glad I made a point of saying that.

Nagypapa was an amazing gardener. He had 2 orange trees, a lemon tree, an apple tree, roses, and a kumquat tree? Bush? Kumquat grower. When he was younger he had vegetables, too. They had a small yard, but it was alive with beautiful things growing everywhere.

Yesterday, there were a lot of ripe oranges and lemons. My sister, my brother, my cousin, and I picked a whole bunch of them and put them in a paper bag to bring back to my grandma’s house. I also ate about 3 oranges. They were perfect: bittersweet, juicy, and right off the tree. The bittersweet was perfect because so was the day: although Nagypapa had died, he had finally been able to stop suffering and been reunited with his family, especially Nagymama.

We stayed at their house all day. When we left, it was dark, and the moon was out. The moon was a tiny, bright sliver that looked like it was floating. It was u shaped, and curving the same way as a u. But the amazing thing was the rest of the moon was visible too. It was just not as bright. It made me think how just because someone isn’t with you, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 🌠🌙

I’m At School

Hi Everyone

Right now, I’m at school on one of the school laptops, and I have good news! Yesterday, because of my other post, they put locks on the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!! And they had these “dudes in suits” who observed lunch. I had too meet with the principal, but it was okay becuase she was really nice about it.

Also, my mom let me get a Facebook! Finally!!! To make a page for my school! Because the principal shut down the school website because  my mom put this blog post on the website. But thanks for that, principal!!! Anyway, we also had a great lunch yesterday with the observer guys. So, thanks, lunch ladies!

Also, the principal said that the Tennesean called her and I might be in the newspaper! So, thanks, newspaper!

And I had almost 600 hits on my blog yesterday! Three were from Canada, 1 from Australia, 1 from Israel, 1 from the Netherlands! Cool!  Thanks everyone who read that! Peoples! (My friend said to say that instead.)

Anyway, now I’m really happy. Thanks everyone for your support! Things are gradually getting better here!

❤ Naomi

The Not-As-Good Stuff

Hi, Amazing Awesome Readers!


I know I’ve made a few posts about stuff I like about my school, but right now, there is some not-as-good stuff going on. I’m writing this post partially to vent, partially to inform people, and partially because I want to. (So ha! :D) Here are a few things that I’m having a hard time with at school right now:


Lockdowns. At my school, there are two kinds of lockdowns. There are “security drill” lockdowns and “in trouble” lockdowns. The security drill lockdowns happen when we need to stay safe. I don’t really mind these, except for the fact that they’re a little bit scary and the school doesn’t really communicate what’s going on except for that it’s a “neighborhood threat” or “drug search.”

The “in trouble” lockdowns are a new thing where, when some people in are grade are misbehaving, the entire grade goes on lockdown mode. This means that we stay in one class period the whole day and do really monotonously boring bookwork, worksheets, etc. etc. The only times we leave the room are to get lunch from the cafeteria to bring it up to our classroom, to go to Related Arts, and if we really need the bathroom. This is not fair to everyone who is good. I think they think that we’ll tell our friends that they need to stop, but the problem is that people like me, who don’t get into trouble as much, don’t hang out with the people who do. In fact, we tend to avoid them because they don’t really like us and are actually kind of mean.

Yesterday, we were in lockdown mode. At lunch, we had to silently walk to the lunchroom and silently get our trays and silently be annoyed with the fact that the lunch ladies/ our teachers (not sure who’s idea it was) gave us the 8th grade’s leftovers. Yes, you read that right! The leftover, picked over crud that nobody wanted to eat was what we were stuck with.

Usually, the lunch ladies switch out the giant troughs that hold the food for fresh ones, but for some reason, they didn’t. The teacher’s excuse was “the law says we have to feed you. It doesn’t say it has to be what you love.” They actually said that. So I got stuck with these gloppy cruddy green beans that taste like a watered down version of what pee smells like, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a bag, (with a typo on the nutrition label, I hope. I think someone meant to write “GRAPESEED OIL” but they left off the G.) a smooshy banana, a string cheese thingy, and milk. On our way upstairs, a few people were whispering, and the line wasn’t perfect. Our teacher stopped us at the hall outside the staircase and said that we’d stand there until we were quiet. She said that, and I quote, “The law says I have to feed you. It doesn’t say we have to sit down. It doesn’t say what time you have to eat. We can stand here all afternoon if you want.” My school loves that excuse. They have actually made some kids stay back from lunch and given them 5 minutes to eat on the guise of “The law doesn’t say how much time you need to eat.” Lawmakers, if you are reading this, please change that law. It’s not nice to acting out seventh graders. Because it totally makes them behave. (Not.)


Freedoms. We aren’t in prison. We are in middle school. I am actually not sure that the school knows this. Even when we aren’t on lockdown, we have so, so, so many rules. We can only go to our lockers in the morning when we get to school, after second period, and at the end of the day. For a reference, my schedule looks like this:


Approx. Time Class Name
8:55-9:15 Homeroom
9:15-10:45 Math (Block 1)
10:45-11:55 Science/ Social Studies (Block 2)
12:00-12:45 Related Arts (R.A)
12:55-1:45 Lunch
1:50-3:30 Language Arts
3:45 Lockers/Dismissal
4:00 Go Home


So, anyway, the only time we have any transition time is when we are switching floors. Lunch and R.A. are downstairs; everything else is on the 7th grade hall. We aren’t allowed to leave the seventh grade hall during transitions. This includes the bathroom. This is so horrible for so many reasons! (I will talk more about this in my next section.) We need hall passes for everything. We have to line up outside the classrooms.

During Lunch, on the bus to Field Trips/Learning Expeditions, in some assemblies, etc., the girls and boys have separate seating. This is so stupid because it’s impossible to work on projects, talk, or be friends with a boy! And if they’re going out, what’s the big deal? My friend was joking that they don’t want us making babies in the middle of lunch. I replied that if someone was that determined, they’d meet halfway in the middle of the room. But joking aside, this is really old fashioned and weird!


Bathrooms. The bathroom situation, at first seems okay. Of course, there are the markered- on insults that the janitors so diligently clean off, the unflushed toilets, and the lack of mirrors that every school has. But then, there are some other stuff. First of all, the sinks are in the hallway, so everyone can see you washing out spills or how well you wash your hands. (I’d rather not know the way that some of the boys wash their hands. Urgh!) But that’s still manageable. Also, only one of the girl’s bathroom stalls has a lock. The rest have been ripped off. This is horrible, but there are ways of coping.

The real problem is the way that they’re not letting us use the bathroom. As I mentioned before, they have told us not to go to the bathroom between classes. Then, today, a teacher made an announcement that the principal has requested that we don’t go to the bathroom during class as much as possible because it interrupts valuable learning time. I think that is totally reasonable, except for the fact that they don’t let us go between classes. And the lunchroom monitor has made it clear that once we sit down, we can’t get up. And we are absolutely forbidden to go to the bathroom on the way into the building or on the way home. If you’re good, the teachers will usually write a pass anyway, but this poses some awkward problems. If you’re like me, and were blessed with a small bladder capacity, you need to pee at least once during the school day. So that means every day, I rotate between which teacher I’m gonna bug for a pass.

Another issue that combines the only going to the locker between certain classes and the bathroom situation is that around 7th grade, girls start getting they’re periods. It is completely unsanitary, gross, and uncomfortable to try and spend a school day not changing “feminine protection products.” (FPP) And even if you have nice teachers who give you a pass, it is not a good idea to carry FPP around with you during the day. If your stuff fell on the floor, or someone was going through you’re stuff, girl readers, imagine the mortification. And boy readers, imagine absolute humiliation! So the ideal solution is to store these in you’re nice, safe, locked up lockers. But if you need a separate pass to go to your lockers, and you need to explain why in order to get that pass, and any current – or former – seventh grade girl knows that you avoid that topic at all costs. So really, this is unkind to all girls!


It’s not all bad. FYI, to everyone who’s thinking “Oh, wow you’re school sounds horrible!” there are some good things, too. I love, for the most part, my teachers, I have great friends, the projects are fun, and there is a lot to love about it. I can assure everyone that if these good things weren’t there, I’d probably leave. Also, a PS to all of my mom’s educatory friends: If you want details on privacy thingamabobs I left out, talk to my mom! She knows all about this stuff.




❤ Naomi


PS: I forget if I mentioned it before or not and I’m too lazy too look. I probably did but oh well! My blog email is conveniently called


PSS: I guess this long thing makes up for my not posting a lot lately! 😀

So underrated!

Hello humans of the Earth and aliens of Mars!

These are some underrated stuff:

  1. Second hand stores- I love these things. there are some reaaally nice stuff there. My mom got some purple jeans. I got this gently used leather coat for 12 bucks. And there all clean and good quality.
  2. Ballet flats- I love these, too. I have like 3 pairs and wear them almost every day. I actually have these.
  3. Aquariums- Cute fishies, creepy sharks, funny otters. And they have some pretty cool gift shops.
  4. Water- We freaking need this stuff. Yet unless you don’t have it, you don’t think twice about it.
  5. Reptiles- They’re acutally really, really cute.
  6. Zippers- Like, really. Sliding this little metal thingy unfastens and fastens things.

And that is all.

❤ Naomi